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God’s word exhorts us to celebratory praise, reverential worship, and skillful expression of our faith through singing and playing instruments. It is through God’s grace that all of us are equipped with the means to worship Him through music. The Music Department of Southwest MN Christian Schools is dedicated to providing quality music education, rooted in Christ, that will cultivate the faith and knowledge of students, that they, through the Spirit, may bear fruit in the world to the glory of God. As students develop their musical skills, we pray that their education will allow them to use their musicianship in worship all the days of their lives. This process begins by teaching students to actively listen and understand musical ideas, to sing and play instruments correctly and accurately, and to have a working understanding of music notation. Our curriculum also familiarizes students with the traditional and classical music of our own heritage as well as other cultures around the world. This includes folk songs, classical music composed in the seventeenth through the twentieth centuries, modern pop and praise, and the historical hymnody of our Christian heritage. Ultimately, the goal of SWC’s music curriculum is to develop skillful musicians that use their talents for the glory of God.