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School Board

Southwest MN Christian Schools has a School Board that is elected by the school society to operate the business of school policy.  The board members for 2023-2024 are listed below:
Mr. Justin Prins (25)
Mr. Mark Vander Pol (26)
Mrs. Melissa Kooiker (26)
Mr. Alex Nykamp (24)
Mr. Patrick Swyter (25)
Mrs. Kristi De Boer (26)
Mr. Jeff Snyder (26)
Mrs. Kim Muyskens (24)
Mrs. Stephany Van Dam (24)
Mrs. Melissa Fick (24)
Mr. Jason Vander Schaaf (25)
Mrs. Kendra Van Hill (25)
President, Executive, 6-12 Education
Vice President, Executive, PK-5 Education
Secretary, Executive, 6-12 Education
Finance Chair
Adjunct, Executive, Building & Grounds
Buildings & Grounds
PK-5 Education
6-12 Education
PK-5 Education
Building & Grounds
Finance, Promotions