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For more than 25 years, RaiseRight (formerly known as ShopWithScrip) has been helping communities and schools across the nation raise funds by simply doing their everyday shopping with gift cards.  This can happen at both your participating local businesses and also nationwide.  You buy the gift cards for full value, use the gift cards to shop, and then the company gives a percentage back to your school and to the tuition account of your choosing.  Another option you have is to put your percentage in a SCRIP savings account for future use.  The finances are all taken care of for you by the SCRIP volunteers at school. 
The SCRIP gift cards can be ordered online at, can be ordered on paper through the school and can also be bought at the school office cash and carry.  In addition, there is a free phone app, called RaiseRight, which you can choose to download from the App store. With this app you order gift cards online to be delivered to the school and/or buy SCRIP digitally, on the spot, from your phone, when shopping at participating stores.  So convenient! 
Percentages of return from the gift cards range anywhere from 2% to 17% of the retail value.  For example, when using a $100 gift card, anywhere from $2 to $17 will come back as a donation from the company.  1% percent stays with the school and the rest is applied to the tuition account of your choice or applied to a savings account, whichever you choose.   Again, this is all taken care of for you by the school's SCRIP volunteers.  Faithful users of the SCRIP program can expect their yearly payout to average around $400 to $500 for their tuition account or savings account.  The more you use SCRIP, the more return you'll see! 
The 1% that stays at the school brings in, on average, around $20,000 a year to SWC Schools! This has been very beneficial in many areas of the school and is used for education-related purchases, including upgrading technology and adding new technology.  
Visit the RaiseRight website at to check it out.  If you join the program from there, you will need an enrollment code.  Call the elementary school office at 507-442-6181 for that code.  For other specific information and/or to sign up for the SCRIP program, contact the school office.  We're happy to introduce you to the SCRIP program!