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Elementary (K-5)

Rooted in Christ, Southwest MN Christian Schools cultivates the faith and knowledge of students, so they will grow in wisdom through the Spirit and bear fruit in the world to the glory of God.
"Rooted in Christ, Growing in Wisdom, Bearing Fruit!"
SWC Elementary is a Kindergarten through Fifth Grade, contained classroom, educational structure. We celebrate the relationship each student is able to make with their teacher(s). Several grade levels are split, and when this occurs, our teachers specialize in curricular areas. In this way, students are also able to learn and interact with both teachers. We also provide support and enrichment through our Resource Room and WIN program.
K-5 students participate in Music, PE, & Library outside of their classrooms each week. 4th Grade students use Ukeleles to begin instrumental instruction, and 5th Grade students choose an instrument to begin Band!
WIN - "What I Need"
We believe every child is uniquely created in God's image. We celebrate this truth! Our WIN program provides opportunities for academic support and enrichment. Some students need a supporting hand, others need a challenge! We use our WIN program to provide both. 
We believe that God's Word is the source of all truth and wisdom. As a result, we approach each area of learning with wisdom from his Word. We are mindful of and aligned with MN academic standards and expectations. On average, our students score above national norms, as well as private school norms, on MAP Growth Standardized Tests (3rd-8th).