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Apologetics Conference:
On Thursday, April 27, a group of 27 students, along with Mr. Busker traveled to Omaha for an apologetics conference called “Always Ready.” The conference was located at Omaha Bible Church and was held by Ligonier Ministries. The two speakers/apologists at the event were Nathan W. Bringham and Stephen Nichols. Southwest’s students learned about an array of topics related to apologetics that included: why the Bible should be trusted, what social media and apologetics have in common, why Jesus is the only way, and why Christianity is unique compared to other religions. There was also a group discussion time where our students were able to review what they had learned and ask questions about how to handle different situations in which they can use their knowledge of faith and the Bible. The long (and late) bus ride home also provided plenty of time for the students to have faith and apologetics related conversations. Overall, it was a great experience and our students were positively impacted!