It's Time To Prepare For The Spring Donation Sale!

Please mark your calendars for the SPRING DONATION SALE to be held on Friday, April 14, starting at 6:30!
We will conduct the auction at the elementary campus, designating the gym for the men's auction and the cafeteria for the women's auction. No evening meal will be served, but a great variety of concessions items will be available to purchase along with pizza!

* * We Need And Appreciate Your Donated Items! 

* * If you are thinking about giving a donation of an item(s), please bring them to either campus.  We'd appreciate having your items by Monday, March 27 so we can advertise on the auction website. Then we will have some available by next week for you to view ahead of time. Thank you!

* * Since Easter is coming soon, as part of our donation sale we always sell Shredded Pork and Garlic Mashed Potato Bundles for $75.  We will not be selling these the night of the auction but will be selling these bundles ahead of time at the High School Campus. You can grab this bundle for your Easter meal or just for a meal to have on hand!  All you need to do is call Daci at 442-4471 and get one reserved for you!  These will be available to pick up starting Tuesday, March 28. 

* * We will again be selling out of town Gift Certificates ahead of the donation sale, by calling or emailing school.  So be looking for that email with what is all available next week!  
If you would like to start previewing the items that we have gotten in so far, please do!  Click here: Donation sale items 
As we look forward to spring, we also look forward to an event of fun(draising)!