THE SWC HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT FUNDRAISER kicked off this week. (Deadline is Wednesday, October 13)  Students are selling the always popular soup, pies, and cinnamon rolls along with magazines, RADA products, and Puffins. Funds raised by each student will be used for their senior class trip to Washington D.C. If you are not contacted by a student, a few of the ordering links are:
Magazines: Magazine High School Fundraiser Link - Magazine Fundraising Link after clicking on the link, enter the name of the student you would like to support. (Sorry coupons are not accepted)
RADA: RADA online order link - RADA Fundraising Link OR please ask a specific student for their direct online ordering link. Any online RADA order will be directly shipped to the customer.
Puffins: PUFFIN online order link - PUFFIN Fundraising Link after you click on this link, select the student you would like to support. The student will deliver your order.
Soup, Pies, and Cinnamon Rolls - to order...contact the high school office if you are not contacted directly by a high school student (442-4471)