SWC Circle/Parent Group #5 Bake Sale and Pre-Order Meal

     With planting season just around the corner, beautiful weather and busy spring schedules or upcoming graduation parties to think about, SWC Circle #5 has a NEW Fundraiser that will help feed your family at a moment's notice!   Let us do the work for you and prepare the meat for any occasion! Our CREAM CHICKEN is a simple and easy way to meet your needs when you don't have the time to prepare it yourself!  Just thaw, heat and serve.  Packaged in a handy to-go container, you'll get a 2.5 pound pan for just $20.  
    Advance orders for Cream Chicken can be placed through April 23 by calling or texting Brigette (507-935-8215).  All orders must be received in advance and can be picked up at about 10:30am after the K-4 Spring Musical at the SWC Grade School Campus on the morning of Friday, May 7, 2021.  
    And as an added bonus, when you're picking up your Cream Chicken after the program, you can also choose from a variety of delicious Baked Goods that will be offered at our ANNUAL BAKE SALE!  There will only be a few pans of Cream Chicken available for sale at the Bake Sale, so please support this to-go fundraiser for SWC Schools and Pre-Order your Cream Chicken today!  And don't forget to stop in at the Grade School and check out the Bake Sale on May 7th!